Meet our NEW MNO Captains! Part One

1. Where were you born? Fullerton, CA

2. Where did you meet your significant other? Originally we met in high school, but reconnected 10 years later at a BBQ in a totally different city.

3. What is your kiddo's name and age? Isla, 5 and Sam, 2

4. What is you favorite invention? I recently discoverd dry shampoo. It's so convenient! I love it.

5. What do you love most about Fit4Mom classes? I think what I love most is the community/accountability and working out outside!

6. What is your favorite exercise? Sprints and squat hops

7. What is your idea of a fun MNO? Trying something new and maybe a little silly. Slip and slide kickball anyone?

8. Fun fact about you: I love to pack! Haha. I have visited 16 countries and love camping and backpacking, but one of my favorite parts is the planning and packing involved.

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