#themotherhoodisreal #speakingthetruthmama #strengthinmotherhood #FIT4MOM #Repost @capablycait ・・・ My little newbie turned 5 weeks yesterday. And I gotta say, that really wasn't how I imagined the first 5 weeks were gonna go. But Motherhood never really goes the way you think it's going to go. You are constantly having to change your ways on the fly (probably your t-shirt too🤢) There is no manual or handout or app telling you how to do it. You just do it. And more days than I can count I just wanted to hide under a blanket with some ice cream and cry. Quinley got thrush, which is a biotch to get rid of, and she was always crying and fussing for the first 3 weeks. It felt like eternity. And I ended up with mastitis 2x. Second time putting me in the ER with a temp just shy of 104. You add in lack of sleep and *poof*! Mama doesn't feel so confident and bulletproof anymore. But, that's also Motherhood. We all have those moments. I really hope that sooner rather than later I can look at the last month and say "ha! You almost got me but I'm stronger than that and ain't nobody got time for a titty fitty!" Motherhood is damn hard. It's never what I think it's going to be. It's always changing and challenging. You can be the healthiest person in the world and you will still get knocked down. But my girls make it worth it to put up the good fight and keep trucking. One thing is for sure, it's made me a stronger mom, wife and woman. #strongasamother

My girls in what they have now deemed their FIT4MOM Coach. #byebyebarbiehelloFIT4MOMsticker #strollerintow #FIT4MOMbranded #FIT4MOMkids #theyarealwayswatching #raisinggirls #swpdxfit4mom #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM

My girls in what they have now deemed their FIT4MOM Coach. #byebyebarbiehelloFIT4MOMsticker #FIT4MOMkids #theyarealwayswatching #raisinggirls #swpdxfit4mom #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM

Body Back Early Bird SALE ends TODAY ⏱! Get $40 off an eight week session 💰! Looking for some accountability one way those kiddos head back to school? Or maybe you just need a break to focus on YOU after the first six months of motherhood? Either way, Body Back is your chance to find that time! Link in the bio or DM us for more info. #BodyBack #swpdxfit4mom #bodybackswpdx #themotherhoodisreal #strengthinmotherhood #FIT4MOM

@pink we 💗you SO MUCH! You are always showing that the motherhood is so REAL! #celebstheirjustlikeus #istillwantherabsthough #themotherhoodisreal #Repost @pink ・・・ And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak

Nothing like a little Celine Dion to pump you up for an early morning Body Back session! #icouldntbringmyselftochangeit #titaniclove #nextupArmegeddon #90smoviemusicplaylist #BodyBack #FIT4MOM #bodybackswpdx #swpdxfit4mom

Moms-bringing 🌈R A I N B O W S of love to the dinner table every night. #breakfastfordinner #rainbowpancakes #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM #whatsfordinner

Who do you know that is one STRONG 💪🏻 mama? #Repost @fit4mom_seportland ・・・ Strong can be defined as just waking up, feeding the family, getting dressed, maybe getting out the door... and getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes. Come be strong with us! It's okay if you're all in your pjs and we might even have some granola bars we can share. #FIT4MOM #ourvillage #momsupport #pdxmom #themotherhoodisreal #postpartumbody #workoutwithyourbaby #strollerworkout #StrollerStrides #strengthinmotherhood #swpdxfit4mom

When you are getting a great workout and check in on your baby 😬 #momfail #issheasleep #howlonghasthisbeenlikethis #themotherhoodisreal #StrollerStrides #swpdxfit4mom

Stroller Strides aka BIG kid story hour (with a little tree climbing included) 📚🌳. #strollerstridesfriends #bookclubforchildren #stollerstridesstoryhour #fitnessformomfunforbaby #FIT4MOM

New mama rocking her #attitude and her adorable new baby girl. #StrollerBarre #workoutwithyourbaby #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood #swpdxfit4mom @brandyhovie_satterberg

Watching mama exercise is the BEST part of my morning! 👶🏻🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻 #workoutwithyourbaby #FIT4MOM #StrollerStrides #swpdxfit4mom

"Babies have to stay strapped in during class and you can come out later." -Sloane having a serious conversation with her baby, Jacqueline, about the rules of Stroller Strides. #water✔️ #band✔️ #stroller✔️ #baby✔️ #notthebestworkoutclothes #playingstrollerstrides #likemomalikedaughter #theyarealwayswatching

🎶Cause YOUR FRIENDS are MY FRIENDS and MY FRIENDS are YOUR FRIENDS 🎶 #partnerworkout #workoutwithyourbaby #fitnessformomfunforbaby #StrollerStrides #FIT4MOM #strengthinmotherhood

Another ⚡️A W E S O M E ⚡️ Stroller Strides class at the @oregonzoo 🦅🦇🐅🐆🐘🦏🐊🐢🐍🐟🐒! Thank you to @fit4mom_seportland and @f4mcedarmill for joining the fun! #whoisthatcrazyladyintheback #fitnessformomfunforbaby #workoutwithyourbaby #FIT4MOM #StrollerStrides #strengthinmotherhood

Just YES. #Repost @heatherkinnard ・・・ I met my husband for lunch a few days ago, adorned with a fresh wound - a new tattoo. I hadn't told him ahead of time I was doing it. In fact, I hadn't known for more than a few hours I was doing it. He looked with a skeptical side-eye at my wrist, rubbing the freshly placed ink to see if it was real. He laughed, used to my antics after so many years together. He didn't ask the story behind it, only noting that he liked it, somehow knowing it was a bigger story than I might be ready to tell. I wish this weren't my story, but it is. It is a story that is not unlike those of so many other moms. It is a story that needs to be told, to be shared, to be made so known that we no longer hide our tired eyes and anxious hearts behind perfect Instagram feeds. It needs to be told so that we can say to a new mom - how are you doing? - and mean it. It needs to be told so we can love each other more deeply, more authentically, more intentionally. I have postpartum depression. This condition is not at all uncommon, but we have made it taboo. We don't speak of the thing that keeps us up at night, that keeps us from enjoying our children, that makes us sad and afraid, that has completely and utterly changed the course of our lives as mothers and wives and women - but we should. PPD affects as many as 20% of new mothers - and these are just the ones that report their symptoms and seek treatment. Getting a tattoo that represents something so heartbreaking in my life might seem strange, or like a giant overshare. But that's the point. This tattoo is the physical, tangible representation of what I have been secretly, silently struggling with on the inside, of what so many women are battling alone. This small semicolon, placed over my radial pulse, says to me: I am alive. It says, like my heart beat, I am strong. It says, like the ink that is embedded now within my skin, this story in my life is now permanent. It says, like any true grammar nerd knows, that the sentence is not over. It says that the ending is so unlike the beginning that it requires its own punctuation to mark the difference. **more in comments**

When you are trying to hold meditation for #BodyBackTransformation and there is a guy collecting cans for the school. #notthemostideabackgroundnoise #focusonyourbreath #bodybackswpdx

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