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OWNER & INSTRUCTOR STROLLER STRIDES, STROLLER BARRE, BODY BACK-Nikki is a mother to two girls and started participating in Stroller Strides when her first daughter was four months old. She has participated in numerous Body Back sessions and you can see her before and after photos in our Body Back photo gallery. After three years of attending Stroller Strides, she decided she wanted to become an instructor and received her AFAA certification in January of 2015. She has been teaching Stroller Strides ever since. In May of of 2015 Nikki become the co-owner of SW Portland Fit4Mom by purchasing the Stroller Strides division of the franchise. In the fall of 2015 Nikki continued her education with Fit4Mom by getting certified in Body Back and Stroller Barre. She began teaching both in November 2015. In January 2016, Nikki purchased the Body back division of SW Portland Fit4Mom to become the sole owner of her franchise. Each new step has led Nikki on an amazing journey with Fit4Mom. She is excited to be teaching so many different types of class and loves motivating and inspiring women to get healthy and stay fit before, during, and after pregnancy!


STROLLER STRIDES INSTRUCTOR-Anna discovered Stroller Strides in Northern Virginia in 2011, when her first daughter was a year old. She fell in love with it, and was thrilled to find a local Stroller Strides when she moved to Portland in the summer of 2013. After five wonderful years of Stroller Strides membership, Anna decided to become an instructor in 2016. She loves being mom to her three daughters - 6 year old Ella, 4 year old Katie, and 2 year old Emily - and she is so proud to be a part of Fit4Mom!


STROLLER STRIDES INSTRUCTOR-As a new momma, Merrilee was searching for her way back to fitness. This was a complicated situation with no easy way to facilitate. Then, when her first daughter Mariah turned 4 months old, she found a way. Not only did it create a way for her to spend time with Mariah and get in shape, but it also opened her up to a group of like minded, enthusiastic, supportive people. This was not something she had to do ALONE.

Stroller Strides provided a group dedicated to achieve your goals, no matter where you're coming from, or where you want to go. Merrilee became enthralled with the process during her second pregnancy. And, by the time her second girl, Revel, came she was ready to take more of a charge. This exaggerated motivation led to a desire to teach others the way she had been taught. Even while navigating two children and a full time job as a Registered Nurse, she chose to become an ACE group fitness certified Stroller Strides Instructor. Straight momma power!


PLAY GROUP AND MNO CAPTAIN-Jennifer started Stroller Strides a year ago and is now an active mom of a toddler girl! She loves being a part of the Stroller Strides family and coming up with fun, new ideas for our amazing Our Village play dates and Moms' Night Outs!


BODY BACK INSTRUCTOR- Wendy began her Fit4Mom journey in May of 2014 when she joined her first Body Back class. She joined because she realized that she not only needed to loose weight, but that she needed to put more time and energy into taking care of her personal well being. After having two boys two years apart, she lost herself into her new role as mom. Body Back came just at the right time and she immediately she realized she had begun a on a journey that would completely transform her life. After taking numerous back to back sessions she decided she wanted to give back to other women who, like her, had put themselves at the bottom of their priority list. She has been instructing Body Back in Tigard and Tualatin since January 2015. She loves being able to be a part of the journey of other women as they make health, fitness, and most of all, themselves a priority.


STROLLER STRIDES/BODY BACK INSTRUCTOR-Krystle has been part of the Fit4Mom team for over 5 years. At 6 weeks postpartum Krystle found Stroller Strides and never stopped Striding. She has been teaching Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby since August 2012 and has been loving every minute of it. In 2013 she purchased and co-owned a franchise in Anchorage, AK from 2013-2016 where she began to teach Stroller Barre and Body Back. Krystle recently moved to the SW Portland area and is continuing her passion for fitness, friendship and motherhood with Fit4Mom. Krystle has a house full of boys; Husband Jeff, Kai 4yr, Everest 6mths, and Byron 6mths. She enjoys being a good roll model for her children.


CERTIFICATIONS: AFAA Group Fitness certification, Stroller Strides certification & Body Back certification

KIDDOS: Beckett (April 2010) & Avery (July 2012)

FAVORITE EXERCISE: hill sprints!

IS ALSO PASSIONATE ABOUT: Lindsey loves being active and outdoors with family and friends. She's always looking for opportunities to try new things and explore nature. She loves supporting people in their goals as well, which she did in higher education in her past career and now gets to do in fitness.

FUN FACT: Every year on Lindsey's birthday she makes her entire family, including her children and parents/sibling, do some active "class" that she comes up with usually at a park or hike that includes various exercises from our classes that she likes to force them to try:)

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