Wahoo!! I am so excited to be part of Hood to Coast for another year 🏃🏽‍♀️🗻➡️🌊 Looking forward to building our team, training with @stumptownwomensrunclub, and running the #motherofallrelays 🙌 #htc19 #stumptownwomensrunclub #hoodtocoast2019 #swpdxfit4mom

The sunshine continues ☀️☀️☀️, so be sure to get out to a Stroller Strides class and soak up this beautiful fall weather! M/W/F/Sat-Westlake Park T/Th-Alpenrose Dairy T/Th-Cook Park *All classes start at 9:30am except Saturday is 9am. Are you registered? Link in the bio to sign up for your first class-it’s FREE! #swpdxfit4mom #pnwfall #strollerstrides #strollerbarre #fit4mom #strengthinmotherhood

Had a little work sesh with this doll and her mom today. Thanks @tiffanykpdx for all the advice 😘! #swpdxfit4mom #mompreneur #fit4mom #strengthinmotherhood #fit4momportland

Ready for next year’s @htcrelay! Want to join our team? Email #fingerscrossed🤞#htc19 #hoodtocoast2019 #swpdxfit4mom #stumptownwomensrunclub

S T R E T C H it out! #healthymamahealthybaby #strengthinmotherhood #imighthavewonjoannaover #finally #alpenrosedairy #strollerstrides #swpdxfit4mom #fit4mom @fit_4_mom

Heading to Vegas for the weekend means a last minute shopping stop @mapelboutique in #bridgeportvillage. One more week to pop in to our #vendorofthemonth for your FIT4MOM discount. Plus it’s the last day of their denim event-20% off premium denim (I got the most comfortable pair of 7s!). Go find some fall styles for your mama!! #swpdxfit4mom #fit4mom #mapelboutique #ourvillage

Welcome (officially) to the team Jamie!! This gal taught her first solo class today and of course she themed it! Jamie is so energetic, silly, and FUN! She is the perfect Stroller Strides instructor! Check out her classes Thursdays at Alpenrose Dairy. #lovemeathemedworkout #cowboysandaliens #strollerstrides #alpenrosedairy #swpdxfit4mom #swportland #fit4mom #strengthinmotherhood

When you go to a class at a gym, do you get this one-on-one, mom-to-mom connection? The songs and smiles are not just for our kiddos, they help bring us together as a village too. Come try a FREE class. Find your connections. Find your village. Link in the bio to register. #morethanjustaworkout #strollerstrides #swpdxfit4mom #fitnessformomfunforbaby #ourvillage #fit4mom @fit_4_mom

Dropping some #FIT4MOMPortland cards #pediactricassociatesnorthwest. More flier posts in my stories. #posterthetown #swpdxfit4mom #fit4mom

Check out @carabear38 putting those fliers up for our #posterthetown contest. Where have you put yours up? Don’t forget to tag @swpdxfit4mom and #posterthetown so you can be entered into our raffle. #swpdxfit4mom #FIT4MOM #multnomahvillage #westlakepark #lakeoswegomom #cookpark

What a fun way to celebrate all the HARD WORK these women, mothers, sisters, wives, and friends put in to complete the goal of running @htcrelay! Thank you @stumptownwomensrunclub and @kelley_wilde for your training, guidance and support before, during, and after the race! We will be back next year for sure! #stumptownwomensrunclub #swpdxfit4mom #hoodtocoast2018 #fit4momsrunthisplace #fit4momandfriends #HTC #Repost @stumptownwomensrunclub ・・・ Last night.’s end of season party. Such a great group of strong women - it’s been a pleasure getting to know, coach and RUN with each of you! Looking forward to future events and #miles with you! 🙌 🏃🏻‍♀️ 😘 🍷 • • • #runclub #runtrainconnect #smilesalways #runningmotivation #htc18 @htcrelay #htchd @jackierunsportland @megancaldwellpdx @momsquadhtc @swpdxfit4mom

Motherhood can be isolating and lonely. #FIT4MOM is so much more than just a workout! It’s about connection-with your baby, with other moms, with yourself. Whether you come to class for the workout or that socialization (that may be the only time of day you get to talk to other adults), we help build friendships for ourselves and our littles. Check out these mamas in #OurVillage hanging out for a picnic in the park play date! #strenghtinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #swpdxfit4mom #strollerstrides #lakeoswegomom #westlakepark

“Despite what they scream at you and blast through the media, it is no crime to LOVE yourself. There is no shame in admiring each freckle, each stretch mark, every inch of your body. You are handcrafted. Special made. One of a kind. Give your mind the peace it deserves. The care your body needs. You’re beautiful beyond measures. In no way a scale could measure.” -a poignant and beautiful meditation at Body Back this morning from our instructor @krystlegard. #swpdxfit4mom #BodyBack #selfcare #loveyourself #wakeupandworkout #swportland #fit4mom @fit_4_mom

Can’t beat an shopping #MNO with a stylist to help you choose some great options! Check out @mystyleclass and her book #closetgoals for some outfit inspiration 👗👡👖👚👢 #swpdxfit4mom #OurVillage #Repost @mystyleclass ・・・ Hangin’ with the @swpdxfit4mom gals tonight at @mapelboutique for a fun shopping event. Can’t wait to show them all the goodies here! 😍 #shoplocal #shopportland #mapelboutique

Great news! Wardrobe Stylist, the creator of Style Class, author, and online course creator Rose Jubb will be shopping with us at Mapel Boutique for our MNO on Thursday! She’s warm, friendly, and specializes in helping women find their groove again after long periods not styling themselves. Her video courses help women improve their self-esteem and style everyday and she’s also got so many tricks up her sleeves, we can’t wait to shop with her. Our own personal stylist for the night! #MNO #OurVillage #swpdxfit4mom #mapleboutique @mystyleclass

Braving the first fall(ish) rain in Portland at #StrollerStrides! #swpdxfit4mom #alpenrosedairy #swportland #fit4mom #strengthinmotherhood #wetrainintherain @fit_4_mom

We wake up before the sun, before our kids, before our partners-just to get ONE hour, ☝️for ourselves. As mothers we give so much out into the world each day that it is SO IMPORTANT that we take time for ourselves-with a workout 💪, a cup of coffee ☕️ , a breath 🧘🏼‍♀️ . Join us for a FREE class and get YOUR hour-including a workout and a mediation. Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30am Rieke Elementary. Link in our bio to register. #swpdxfit4mom #bodyback #fit4mom #wakeupandworkout #swportland

#Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ “You know what is hard? Motherhood. You know what is amazing ? Motherhood. You know what is lonely? Motherhood (even though you are never alone, like ever). You know what makes you feel like the biggest failure? Motherhood. You know what makes you feel like you are super human? Motherhood. You know what makes you feel like you are crazy? Motherhood. You know what  makes you feel like the most patient person in the world? Motherhood. And guess what makes you feel like the most impatient person in the world, yup, Motherhood. You know what brings out your worst side? Motherhood. You know what brings out your best side? Motherhood. Motherhood, it is full of oxymorons, polar opposites, fear, doubt, joy, love, and literally every single emotion in between and some you didn’t even know existed. Wherever you are on this motherhood spectrum, from brand new to having grand children, all of us feel these emotions, you really aren’t alone. So to every person who feels a little alone today, please take this post and pocket it. The beautiful thing about motherhood is, we should all get it. We are all doing the best we can, with never ever knowing how to actual do it. So smile at the new mom, the mom with a whole bunch of kids in tow, and to the grandmother who has seen it all. Because there's no reason for any of us to be alone in this thing because we really should be able to all relate on one thing, and that is the above.” - Repost @catandnat

Just chillin’ at the park today with my @bobgearus stroller @sklz mat and @kindsnacks display to pass out to #allthemoms 😎 (this is exactly how I looked rolling up to all the moms)! #happyfriday #strollerstrides #swpdxfit4mom

And BREATHE.... As moms we might not get a moment to ourselves, but just taking a few deep breaths everyday can reset your mood. We end all of our classes with a moment just for mom and don’t forget your most important stretch-YOUR SMILE 😁!!! #swpdxfit4mom #StrollerStrides #StrollerBarre #BodyBack #fit4mom #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal @fit_4_mom

#Repost @therock ・・・ She can be anything she wants. She can sit at any table. She can trailblaze a path, while humbly and gratefully recognizing those before her who paved the way. She and her big sister, Simone and her baby sister, Tiana Gia will always have a strong voice and always make a positive impact. She can also just forcefully shove a buttery, delicious croissant 🥐 in daddy’s mouth when daddy is on a very strict diet. #JasmineLia #WomensEqualityDay 💪🏾🌴

#momcrushmonday on these two SUPPORTIVE, ENERGETIC, AMAZING, BOSS MOMS! Even when I am struggling or need advice, when I can’t figure out how to respond to a simple email or I am just looking for a little celebration, @ruthbraun and @megancaldwellpdx are always there to get me through! I am so happy to call these women my sister franchisees! #FIT4MOMPortland #FIT4MOM #bossmoms #mompreneur @f4mcedarmill @fit4mom_seportland @fit_4_mom

Check out our new instructor Jamie demonstrating for a new mama! #coteaching #keeptraining #allthemoms #strollerstrides #alpenrosedairy #swpdxfit4mom #strengthinmotherhood #FIT4MOM @fit_4_mom

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