Only TWO MORE DAYS until our Arbonne foot soaks and facials MNO! Have you RSVPed? More opportunities to earn raffle entries and a fun night with your FIT4MOM ladies!! #MNO #Arnonne #swpdxfit4mom

All my #Arbonne essentials from our #VendoroftheMonth. Have you gotten your samples to try? Link to our website to contact our rep. #itsageniusultraskincaredevice #cleansetreatprotect #swpdxfit4mom

Final day of our #mamabewell challenge. #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ It’s the last day of our #mamabewell challenge, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Splurge, Mama! What are your favorite treats / desserts? (Obsessed with those little candy hearts and Shari’s Berries over here 🙋🏼‍♀️)

I had so many SWEATY Galentines today!! #lovemeathemedworkout #preValentinesDaysweat #conversationheartscardioandcore #swpdxfit4mom #BodyBack #FIT4MOM

Day 13- a little late to get dolled up now, so save it for your Valentines Day date with yourself, your partner, your kids!! #mamabewell #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Our #mamabewell challenge ends tomorrow, but we’re still going strong today and tomorrow to encourage self-love and more importantly, community — scroll through the #mamabewell hashtag and connect with other mamas; no one understands motherhood like a mom 💗 Today / tonight’s challenge is to get dolled up! Do your hair, do your makeup, put on your favorite pair of shoes, your favorite shade of lipstick, or an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. We know it’s only Tuesday, but even if it means washing your hair or shaving your legs, or dabbing some concealer under your eyes...just do anything that makes you feel like you put a little effort into yourself today. We know how much effort us mamas put into everyone else — cooking, cleaning, carpooling, bathing, dressing, chasing, nurturing...the list goes on and on. Treat yo self and schedule a mom’s night out, date night, or have friends over. Anything that fills your heart and soul and makes you feel like the babe you are 💕 PS — this challenge is good anytime of the year! Download the Mama Be Well calendar at and complete it whenever it feels right. xo #FIT4MOM

Pretty sure I forgot yesterday 😬#themotherhoodisreal. #mamabewell #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Today’s #mamabewell challenge is to try a new recipe! Search “recipes” on our blog and you’ll find TONS, like these no-bake breakfast cookies, pancake muffins, and grilled peaches (scroll right to see). We also love Pinterest for inspo — what new recipe will you try today?! #FIT4MOM

Day 11- Did you take some time to detox from all things digital? #weplayedcards #weplayedclue #weplayedoutside #mamabewell #Repost @f4mcedarmill ・・・ It’s Sunday! Enjoy your family 💗 Put your cell down today 📴 Hard to do? Set a timer on your phone for 5 mins. When it goes off, put your phone down and detox. #mamabewell #selfcarechallenge

Day 🔟-erg, is it bad that this is usually my husband’s job 😬?! #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Happy WEEKEND! We have been absolutely thrilled seeing your participation in #mamabewell 💗 We handcrafted this challenge to serve YOU! To help you feel empowered, refreshed, reset, and also build community by searching the hashtag #mamabewell to see you’re in this together with other moms. You’re part of the mamahood sisterhood. You know someone, somewhere is going through what you’re going through, feeling what you’re feeling, experiencing the highs and lows of marriage, raising little ones, and personal growth. You are a mom and a human and a strong, beautiful one at that. Today’s challenge it to get your finances organized. Pay bills that are lying in a pile — even if you have to just pay $5 down and set up a payment plan to afford the rest. Meet with a financial advisor. Set up a meeting with your tax guy or CPA. Plan a weekly and/or monthly budget. Getting financially organized can help ease anxiety, calm the debt overwhelm, make you feel secure, have a plan, and get you on your way to financial freedom 💗

Day 9️⃣-I definitely need to do this. All the tax stuff... #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Happy Friday!! Today’s #mamabewell challenge is to organize your home office, work desk, or any other space you use for paying bills, mompreneuing, journaling, working, etc...a clean desk space clears the mind, can help energize creativity, increase concentration and productivity, and create a more peaceful work atmosphere and environment. If you’re a #sahm, tackle this during lunchtime or free-play, and if you work part of full time out of the home, set aside ten minutes to get organized in your work day today. Your brain, your energy, AND your Monday morning will thank you! Find the remainder of the challenges at and download your printable calendar 📆 Share your organized desk spaces with us using the #mamabewell hashtag! #FIT4MOM

#tbt to last Thursday’s #BodyBack class that was a booty burner!! #swpdxfit4mom #althetafitpro #salutationtights #athletawashingtonsquare @athleta

Day 8-We make ALL the appointments for ALL the people EXCEPT ourselves. TODAY is the day-make that massage, doctor, hair, training, work, nail appointment. Do it for YOU!! #Repost @f4mcedarmill ・・・ Day 8 of the #mamabewell challenge! Schedule any appointments you have been putting off 👩‍⚕️ Maybe a well deserved appointment like a facial, nails 💅🏻 or massage! Cross one thing off that to do list! Comment below with what you’ve completed! #getitdonemama

Day 7... 📱☎️ #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Girlfriends make our world go ‘round, our cray seem more normal, are free therapy, and see the beauty in us when we don’t always see it. Call a friend today or tonight for today’s #mamabewell challenge — it will make your day as much as it makes their’s 💕📞📲

Day 6️⃣ is here and Portland has the perfect weather for today’s #mamabewell challenge. #optoutside #vitamind #swpdxfit4mom #FIT4MOM

In case you missed it. We have to CANCEL Stroller Strides today due to illness. Take advantage of the clear skies (perfect for today’s self care challenge) and get outside or head to our Facebook page (FIT4MOM SE Portland) for an at home workout. #optoutside #StrollerStrides #swpdxfit4mom #themotherhoodisreal

Day five-Is it ok if I did this on day one and day three 😬😁? #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Today’s #mamabewell challenge is to take an #epsomsaltbath. Why? Epsom salt baths can help relieve pain and muscle cramps, and may help relieve inflammation, making it beneficial in the treatment of sore muscles (hi, period cramps or endo/PCOS pain), bronchial asthma, and migraine headaches” (, 2018). Baths may also help reduce anxiety and create a calming environment. With an Epsom Salt bath, try adding a couple drops of your favorite essential oils, turning on a diffuser on the counter (away from the water, of course!), light a candle, listen to a podcast or audible, or just BE. We know it’s weird to just sit in silence, mostly thanks to smart sad is that?! If you can’t commit to a bath at night because, well, kid tornados...we feel you. Can you sneak away during nap time? Or give yourself 20 minutes after work to jump in before pre-school carpool? Or put your littles down a few minutes early to enjoy a quiet bath in peace before your own bedtime? 🛀🏻Put down your phone, stop scrolling through social, and make time for YOU. Did you miss last week’s challenges? It’s never too late to join! Find this week’s calendar at 💗 link in bio xx // TAG A MAMA WHO NEEDS TO GIVE HERSELF SOME TLC 🤗💕

Headed to our cabin for the day tomorrow. No cell, no cable, no WiFi. #unlpug #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ We wouldn’t be very good challenge hosts emphasizing the importance of self-love and self-care if we didn’t practice what we, tomorrow we’ll be spending time with our families and unplugging. (DO IT. So good for the soul — and your marriage — and your kids). With that, tomorrow’s #mamabewell challenge is to #drybrush! Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells (and encourages new cell renewal), which results in smoother and brighter skin. It can also help with any pesky ingrown hairs. It assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage (@mindbodygreen, 2018). There are tons of videos on YouTube on how to dry brush, infographics on Pinterest, and @leefromamerica andn@wellnessmama have great articles on it as well. You can find a dry brush at local natural stores or amazon prime ✔️💗 If you’ve never heard of dry brushing before, just search the hashtag on Instagram to see examples and do your own research on the benefits. Personally, every naturopath has recommended it to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage for chronic illness, pain, and autoimmune systems (we also love acupuncture cure and cupping for that, too.) What are your favorite natural remedies for ailments or a general health/beauty routine?? Happy weekend, sweet mamas. Enjoy the rest of your evening and Sunday! Xo

A book (#littlefireseverywhere), a face mask (#Arbonne), and my #FIT4MOM mug (#liptondecaftea). #thisismysaturdaynight #mamabewell #swpdxfit4mom #themotherhoodisreal

Day Three- #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ As mamas, we love to cozy up on a Saturday night. I don’t know how Saturdays used to mean getting ready at 8pm to go out, but boy, how we are glad we can now do a face mask instead 😹💁🏼‍♀️ Who’s loving #monthofmama so far?? It’s been such an easy, nice way to focus on mini self-love and self-care reminders. When you’re out running errands today, grab a face mask and pamper yourself today or tonight. Have a sitter and a little extra fun money this month?? Maybe even schedule a facial! Snuggle up in a robe and get some TLC today. Download the rest of the calendar and the journal prompt for today (link in bio). It’s not too late to join if you haven’t yet! Come mom with us 💗 #FIT4MOM

Day Two (technically yesterday 😬) #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Happy Friday and day ✌🏼 of the #mamabewell challenge! If you haven’t joined us yet, jump in at ANY time! Even if you see this and we’re on day 5 or 6 by then...each day you’ll find a fun little “to do,” a journal prompt, and a reminder to meditate, even if it’s just for five minutes. Find the calendar and printable schedule on our blog — link in bio! #FIT4MOM

Ahh, three days behind!! #Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ Just like going for a jog exercises your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good work out (Real Simple, 2018). Happy day one of our #mamabewell challenge! Today’s mini task is to dive into a new book (if you don’t normally read), or to carve out time for yourself to read if you’re already deep into a book you love. UNPLUG. After you get your kid(s) to bed, get OFF social media. Seriously, stop right now if you’re reading this past 8pm; get off your phone and stop mindless scrolling and dive your nose into a book with no screen. Reading can create a healthy distraction and may cause less anxiety and be a stress reliever. Reading can create positive mental stimulation, evoke imagination, expand one’s vocabulary, may improve memory function, create better writing skills, and improve focus and concentration (Lifehack, 2018). So, today, show us what you’re reading using #mamabewell. What are our top three favs right now? Braving the Wilderness, The Universe Has Your Back, and @lisadruxman’s The Empowered Mama. 📖 📚 #FIT4MOM #mamabewell

Say HELLO 👋🏼 to our February #VendoroftheMonth! This month we want you to take care of YOU mama, so be sure to check out #Arbonne and their amazing products. The more samples you try, the more entries into the TWO raffle drawings! #raffles #footsoaksandfacials #MNO #cleanskincare #healthynutrition #swpdxfit4mom

We at FIT4MOM SW Portland want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our first #VendoroftheMonth @readyfitgo_portland @readyfitgo_lakeoswego @readyfitgo_beaverton! Thank you for sharing your delicious meals with our mamas. #wewillbeback #cleaneating #readyfitgo #swpdxfit4mom

#Repost @fit_4_mom ・・・ February 1st we’re launching #mamabewell, a 2-week self-love challenge just for you! Click the link in our bio to download your weekly calendars + planner. PS — you’ll need some goodies for a couple of the days, like a dry brush and a journal, so download the printables and hang them at your office or near your bed, or save them to your phone to find out what you’ll need for each daily challenge. They’re small, achievable daily tasks that even the busiest mama can accomplish. We can’t wait to see how you share the (self) love this February. Challenge runs Feb 1st - 14th. Check out the link in our bio for more info, or head over to BLOG.FIT4MOM.COM 💻 💕 Repost this image using #mamabewell if you’ll be joining us and tag a few friends as accountability buddies 💗

This is only 2 days of my five day meal plan! Today is the final day to get your order in for the FIT4MOM SW Portland #VendoroftheMonth discount with @readyfitgo_beaverton @readyfitgo_lakeoswego @readyfitgo_portland!! Great for breakfasts on the go and last minute lunches. Everything is SO tasty! Direct message them with your order or head to our website for a link to their info. #cleaneating #mealprep #readyfitgo #swpdxfit4mom #themotherhoodisreal


Vendor of the Month-Arbonne with Debbie Shurson

Arbonne skincare products, based on botanical principles, came to fruition in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world by a growing network of Arbonne Independent Consultants. Building on these same founding principles, the product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results. From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow.

Check our their products, read about the Arbonne journey, and shop for YOU

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