Meet Our New Instructors-Laura Drunsic

1. Where were you born? Westlake Village, Ca

2. Where did you meet your significant other? In Santa Monica, Ca. I was in Nursing School and my husband was working on his MBA at UCLA. We met at a very cheesy, not at all classy, sports bar in Brentwood.

3. What is your kiddo's name and age? Catelyn, 6yr old, Wade 4 yr old and Hannah 2yr old

4. What is your favorite invention? The vacuum cleaner.

5. What do you love most about FIT4MOM classes? The intensity of the workouts and the camaraderie of the women who make it to class every time.

6. What is your favorite exercise? Running

7. What are you looking forward to as an instructor? I look forward to making a difference in someone's day. Motherhood is hard. We, as moms, need an outlet. We spend our days making life better for our kids, our jobs, our husbands. We deserve a time in the day that is devoted to making OUR life better, healthier and hopefully in the end, happier.

8. Fun fact about you: My husband and I just bought a travel trailer to enjoy with our 3 kids! We are looking forward to many camping adventures in 2018!