Mom of the Month-Jenny-Anne Gifford

1. Where were you born? Corvallis, OR

2. Where did you meet your significant other? At my parent’s house on Christmas Eve 16 years ago. My parents swear it wasn’t a set up, but I suspect otherwise.

3. What is your kiddo's name and age? Emma Bliss, 5 and twins Piper Rose and Grace Ruth, age 2.

4. What is your favorite invention? Heated car seats and reclining movie theater seats. I’m all about comfort!

5. What do you love most about FIT4MOM classes? The camaraderie of the other women and the common purpose of good self care. I’ve made some close friends through FIT4MOM and I’m so grateful.

6. What is your favorite exercise? Woman Makers! Hard to do but you only have to do a few to go a whole minute.

7. Fun fact about you. I have a uncanny ability to recognize faces. If I’ve met you once (or even seen your face in a picture) I will recognize you, even if it’s many years later and even if I saw your face when you were a child. It can make for awkward moments when I knowingly acknowledge a person and they were just my Target checker years ago. I consider it one of my super powers!