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Mom of the Month-Rachael Molitor

1. Where were you born? Portland, OR, but grew up living overseas, which means I can't really boast about being a Portlander.

2. Where did you meet your significant other? We were RAs together at Lewis & Clark College.

3. What is your kiddo's name and age? Idara is two.

4. What is your favorite invention? For my peace of mind it would have to be, white noise, because it was the magic ingredient to making naps work.

5. What do you love most about FIT4MOM classes? I enjoy Fit4Mom because I get to exercise without worrying about finding childcare for Idara.

6. What is your favorite exercise? Any of the hip openers are great.

7. Fun fact about you I've survived two volcanic eruptions (I lived in Ecuador, which had a lot of active volcanoes).