Thank you Merrilee!

Merrilee has been a regular Stroller Strider since her first daughter, Mariah, was just four months old. As a member, I loved sharing classes with her because of her cheerful attitude and enthusiasm. When she decided to join my team as an instructor, I was even more delighted!

Not only does Merrilee bring all those great qualities-motivation, encouragment, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude, she also makes you WORK! Here are some great quotes from our members-past and present.

"Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what to say about Merrilee, she is the best! I love how supportive and positive she is. Merrilee is so full of life and vibrancy it’s infectious. Her workouts were clever, fun, and kicked bootie! She will definitely be missed for sure." -Debbie Shurson

"Merrilee you are so full of light and energy!!! I'm sure you will be missed as an instructor by many mamas!! Grateful for Stroller Strides and our friendship! Cheers to your new adventures." -Yanna Bennett

"Merrilee, along with your cheerful smile and infectious laugh, you are a total badass!! You have inspired me throughout my Stroller Strides and Body Back years! I will always remember your very preggo plank with Mariah on your back. So thankful we have been a part of this village, together!" -Julie Mattson

"You were the first person that talked to me at my first class. You were so friendly and welcoming to me I will never forget that! Thank you for being so kind and always cheerful! You are an amazing lady! Hugs!" -Jennifer Stewart

"Thank you Merrilee for your fun and encouraging personality and for putting your time and energy into us mamas! Hope to see you around the village!" -Kristi Manseth

"Merrilee it's been such a pleasure getting to know you over the last few months! When I first moved here your smiling face and positive energy at Stroller Strides made such an impression on me, and you really made me feel welcome. I'll sure miss your classes but have learned so much from you and hope to be an awesome instructor like you someday." -Rachel Triolo

"Merrilee, you were one of the first people to really talk to me at Stroller Strides and you have always been so kind and friendly to everyone. You have always pushed yourself as a student and I loved how you carried that on as an instructor. I will really miss seeing you at Stroller Strides and I wish you the best in your next phase of life. Thank you for the great workouts!" -Angela Gosse

"Merrilee you are always so positive- I looked forward to seeing you in class!!! Thank you for some great workouts." -Krista Brown

"Merrilee, it has been such a joy getting to know you through FIT4MOM these past few years - your sunny smile and positive energy are contagious, and the way you push yourself (and others when you’re instructing!) is such an inspiration. I will really miss the Merrilee workouts, but have learned so much from you, and wish you all the best in whatever comes next for you. Thanks for being such an amazing friend and teammate!" -Anna Beckley

"Merrilee: You’ve always been the most positive and upbeat mom whenever I was at class - always supportive and friendly to everyone. And although we mostly were classmates during our time together at Stroller Strides, you always motivated me to push myself more. Such a strong mama!! I’m so glad FIT4MOM connected the two of us and I know we’ll stay in touch. Wishing you the best of luck!" -Danielle Ames

"Merrilee, you taught the first Stroller Strides class I went to, and it was such a good workout and you were so welcoming that I knew I wanted to join this community. Thank you for so many great workouts (I’ll never forget burpees to “Go Dog Go!”) and for all the smiles and laughs. I’m so glad that we started running together after class, and now I am fortunate to call you a friend! I will miss your cheerfulness and killer workouts at class but I know you will be amazing wherever life takes you next." -Raena Nelson

"Merrilee, thank you for always challenging me to do more and go harder and farther than I thought I could. Even when things seemed impossible (ahem, the burpee holding pattern at the hill behind Cook Park) you inspired everyone to keep going! I will miss your smiling face. Don’t be a stranger!" -Paula Robertson

"Merrilee, I love your confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and most of all your kick-butt workouts! You pushed me and motivated me to go farther and that’s definitely a trait of a super trainer. I knew I could push past the pain. But I’ll never forget how a fire alarm at Washington square saved us from more Burpees, ha! Thanks for your support and encouragement lady!" -Kasia Duncan

"Thank you for inspiring me to become a stronger mom and better example for my daughter. Thank you for helping me decide to become an instructor and giving me such good pointers during my training. Not only have you inspired and motivated me, but you have done so for so many other moms. You always bring so much joy to class that makes me want to be there. I will always think of you and burpees when I read Go Dog, Go! Keep hustling Momma :)" -Cara Unger-Fink

"Merrilee, thank you for always bringing a smile and positive attitude!! I will miss you and your kick butt workouts!! Wishing you the best!" -Sarah Briscoe

Merrilee has been a wonderful addition to FIT4MOM for the last 5+ years. We will miss her as a member, an instructor, and teammate. We wish you the best in all your next adventures!